Youtube account created

A new Youtube account has been created to facilitate the viewing of videos under the NgeeAnnSecCO account:

Username: nascotic

Please obtain the password from our chairman and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT change the password or reveal it to anyone who is not from NASCO. Strictly for us to review our own performance so the content is highly sensitive.

Anyway, latest videos uploaded are

  • An audio clip of the river, and
  • A full Zheng, albeit stitched up by bits and pieces of audio clips recorded during dazu today. Log in to listen to the differences between our first attempt and today’s!


  1. Log in to nascotic.
  2. Click on ‘NASCOtic’ at top right hand corner > My Inbox
  3. Click on ‘Shared with you’ in the left column. At the moment, you should see SIX msgs, which means NgeeAnnSecCO is sharing SIX private videos with NASCOtic.
  4. Click on the message heading and there will be a hyperlink to the video.
  5. CLICK on the hyperlink.

Best listened with your headphones/earphones worn. You need to be able to listen very keenly with minimum background noise.

PLEASE VIEW THE VIDEOS. Can’t emphasize enough the importance of reviewing and learning through our mistakes. We are not blind mice nor froggies in the wells!


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2011 Exco/SL interview

Please report to the CDS  five minutes before the scheduled time. List as follows:

  • 1500h
    • Eugina Koh, Celine Goh, Shi Haixin
  • 1510h
    • Celyne Halim, Kang Yan Ling
  • 1515h
    • Arviel, Ong Xin Hao, Sheryl Tan
  • 1520h
    • Lim Si Zhou, Rui Ang, Hou Jing Yu
  • 1530h
    • Chee Wei Lin, Yeow Shang Mian
  • 1535h
    • Michelle Goana, Paiboon
  • 1540h
    • Winston Wong, Leong Jia Hui
  • 1550h
    • Gillian Ong, Crystal Lim
  • 1600h
    • Tang Yi Qi, Teo Ming You
  • 1605h
    • Leong Hwee Yang, Odelia Ong
  • 1615h
    • Wong Jun Ting, Tan Ning Xin
  • 1620h
    • Sim Xin Wei
  • 1630h
    • Janice Chuan

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CO matters – please read

The Exco and SLs were briefed earlier regarding the following. Please make sure you read and take note of each and every clause that is stated.

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CO Audition 2011

Dear new students of NAS

We will be conducting an audition for all who are interested in joining NASCO. The details are as follows:

Date: 7 January 2011 (Friday)
Venue: CDShelter
Time: (To be confirmed)

Registration is necessary so that we can estimate the numbers and prepare the instruments. It’s alright if you have no musical background, though it will definitely be a bonus!

Please click HERE to register.

You may direct any enquiry to or post on our wall at our Facebook page!

WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU (and having you join us!).
Brought to you by The happy yellow people

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Pre-Tapestry Preparations

1. Performance attire

  • Yellow Blazer
    • Ask for one from Crystal if you have yet to
  • White long-sleeved shirt with a stiff buttoned-up collar
  • New school tie
  • Black dress pants (NO skinnies/denim)
  • Black socks (your socks can be seen when you are seated!)
  • Black shoes (NO converse)
    • Dress shoes for guys (Go google ‘Men’s Dress Shoes’)
    • Covered flat shoes for girls (okay to have a little heel if you really can’t find flats)

2. Ticket sales

If you’re still holding on to money from the sale of the tickets or you need more tickets, please approach Mrs Wee.

3. Stage Presence

Please keep in mind that YOU are the very reason why your friends and family are attending OUR concert, so it is up to YOU to move them with the music you play! In the days leading up to the concert, you have practised hard, got many scoldings from Guo Lao Shi and instructors and returned home exhausted with the many self-pracs. You will only let your effort go down the drain by looking stoned on stage! You are young and full of life!!! SHOW THAT YOU ARE ALIVE LAH.

There’ll be more announcements in the days leading up to the concert. So check out this space some time midweek.

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CO tee – second poll required

Hi everyone! The black cotton polo tee emerged the victor and after considering the budget, we’ll go with the usual polo tee collar instead. At the moment the CO tee will cost about $13 per pc. Our welfare managers, Crystal and Yiqi, will be collecting your tee sizings soon (the same as your school PE tee sizings, which is in numerical form)

So now we need you to vote again, on where you want the piping (the yellow line thingy) to be. After all it’s going to be our casual performance attire so the usual plain black polo is… somewhat too plain.

Click on images to enlarge

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3 (different font)

Vote wisely!


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Protected: Alumni CO matters

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Enter your password to view comments.

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